Alto-Shaam CS-100 Single Lamp Heated Carving Shelf

by Alto-Shaam CS-100 Single Lamp Heated Carving Shelf

While many carving stations rely solely on old-fashioned heat lamps, Alto-Shaam’s Heated Carving Stations keep food warmed from below and above. Soft, gentle Halo Heat® radiates from the carving shelf surface, while ambient surface lamps effectively maintain temperature from above, without cooking or drying out the food.

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Alto-Shaam CS-100 Single Lamp Heated Carving Shelf

Product Brochure || What is Halo Heat®?

Your best on display Carving stations are the perfect addition to any banqueting and buffet system, keeping your food fresh, hot and ready to serve at just the right temperature.

Carving stations keep the product hot while maximizing visual appeal. They can be paired with a Cook & Hold oven or a heated holding cabinet to create a self-contained mobile carving system.

More taste. Less waste. Carving stations are built with Alto-Shaam’s unique Halo Heat® technology. Use this gentle, radiant Halo Heat system to keep food warm at a precise temperature while reducing energy consumption, utility bills and safety risks.

Maximize your profit margin by giving your food a longer display life. By putting your best food forward, more is used by your customers and less is wasted.

Alto-Shaam  Hot Food Carving Station CS-100

Spec Sheet

Dimensions: 463 (w) x 626 (d) x 762 (h) mm

Operating on: 230V / 50Hz / 1pH

Power: 500W

Product Production: 16kg (max)

Country of Origin: USA


Optional accessories include:

– Clear glass customer breath guard

– Carving holders

– Cutting board

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