Besser Thermocirculator Vacook



Besser Thermocirculator Vacook

TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE SOUS VIDE COOKING Professional restaurants can’t renounce cooking and regenerating at low temperature, because thanks to this technique you can optimize the preparation of food and enhance it’s organoleptic properties. Chefs can exploit the different advantages of sous vide cooking. Such as food weight loss reduction during cooking process, which is 30% for traditional cooking and 7% for vacuum coking. As a result you will obtain more portions with the same quantity of raw material. Immersion circulator Vacook™ is the solution for innovative vacuum cooking, resulting from a close collaboration with renowned chefs.

TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED SOUS VIDE COOKING MACHINE Stainless steel immersion circulator for sous vide cooking at low temperature. The machine is equipped with a display showing cooking time, water and core probe temperature detected by a sensor with 0.1 ° C delta. As the machine stops automatically if low water level is detected, the cooking proceeds in total autonomy. Chefs can so dedicate themselves to the management of the kitchen. The innovative driven by temperature difference cooking system allows to cook foods evenly and avoids thermal shock that would damage the product.


  • 10 programs to save your most used recipes
  • Optimize the organization of your kitchen with a delayed start of cooking
  • Precision Cooking with core probe for accurate and perfectly cooked food inside the vacuum cooking bags
  • Pasteurization of food cooked with traditional cooking techniques
  • Thermal regeneration of vacuum packed food
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