Blanco Plate Dispenser

All heatable and neutral BLANCO plate dispenser models are now also available in 13 fantastic colours. The plate dispensers present the perfect finishing touch for the harmonious colour scheme of your guest area. Appealing colours for happy guests.



 Flexibility, improved energy efficiency, safe handling.

The new BLANCO plate dispensers can be adjusted to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights of the dishes quickly and without tools. New options such as the unique refilling signal, fold-down shelf and GN hanging frame noticeably ease your daily work

More flexibility for any shape. 

Because of the practical hole pattern in the plate tube, the dispensers can be adjusted to almost any shape dishes quickly and easily. Using additional plate guides, you can even store up to four stacks of small bowls, large bowls or plates in a single tube.

  • Using energy more selectively: Starting immediately, ECO and boost modes are available in all heatable dispensers.
  • Using energy more efficiently: With the new well-insulated hooded cover made of EPP, the heat which was created remains in the dispenser for a long time instead of being unnecessarily blown into the air.
  • BLANCO makes it easy to aim high: In the new BLANCO plates dispensers you can easily stack up to 20 percent more standard plates.


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