Carpigiani Ready2030 Batch Freezer with Pasteurizer

The entire gelato production process in 1 machine: Pasteurization, aging, and freezing

Available in water cooled or air cooled system. Also available in Ready 2030( 3 to 5kg per batch) or Ready 3045 (3.5 to 7.5kg per batch). 


Carpigiani Ready Batch Freezer: Built in pasteurizer function

The Carpigiani Batch Freezer Ready series is a floor standing gelato or ice-cream machine that is capable of pasteurizing, aging and freezing.

Gelato Batch Freezer Programs: 

  • The entire gelato production process in one machine.
  • 6 automatic programs of which 2 for gelato and sorbets, 1 for fruit slush, 2 for the special milk- or fruit-based Crystal, 1 to produce Ice Cream with the special beater (optional).
  • 6 automatic programs: 3 hot and 3 cold using Water Filling.
  • 3 automatic programs to pasteurize or heat/cool the mix and turn it into gelato.


  • Hard-O-Tronic®: the exclusive system for obtaining the desired gelato by checking its consistency, which can be changed during freezing.
  • Beater without central shaft and with POM blades for the total extraction of the gelato.
  • Self-regulating scraper blades for constantly cleaning the cylinder and maximizing yield.
  • Post-cooling: activation of cold temperatures during extraction to maintain the consistency of the gelato.

The Hard-O-Tronic: Exclusive system for an excellent gelato product. The LCD screen constantly displays the values of the programmed consistency and the gelato in the batch freezer. By pressing on the arrows, you can always change it to obtain your own ideal gelato texture.

POM beater: No central shaft. Impenetrable by the cold- facilitate complete extraction of the gelato every time. Sturdy yet light, it has self adjusting scraper blades to maintain the cylinder clean and efficient.


  • Use of the machine while always standing straight.
  • Stainless steel sprayer with lock at the front of the machine, to facilitate washing.
  • Easy way: prepare and pasteurize the mix with the batch freezer.
  • Water Filling to dispense the precise amount of water required, saving time and avoiding measurement errors.
  • Optional Dispensing door, together with the Crystal program used for filling containers and jars.
  • Optional Tray-lock mat facilitates extraction and variegation.


  • Ready technology carries out the entire gelato production process using just one machine.


  • Accident prevention thanks to rounded corners.
  • Auto Defrost procedure for rapidly restarting production in case of power failure or accidental stoppage.
  • Optional Teorema: monitoring and diagnosis via the internet for easier assistance.


  • One-piece cylinder for maximum cleanliness and guaranteed hygiene.
  • Hot wash, detachable extraction chute and Scoth-Brite treatment of the steel sheet metal facilitate cleaning.
  • The delayed cleaning cycle guarantees hygienic by controlling the temperature of the cylinder once the gelato has been extracted.
  • Carpi Care kit: request one from your dealer to keep your machine hygienically perfect.

Available in water cooled or air cooled system. Also available in Ready 2030( 3 to 5kg per batch) or Ready 3045 (3.5 to 7.5kg per batch). Download Spec Sheet


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