Eloma Joker Combi Oven

Joker, The Compact Class 

Eloma’s revolutionary compact class Joker, offering unparalleled configurability, flexibility and space efficient combi oven. Embrace the freedom to customize your experience, making it as unique as you are. Whether it is an entry level model or an high specification- you can configure the JOKER to best suit your requirements. Cavity size, position of control module, door hinge, fresh steam system, cleaning module- the choice is yours.




Eloma Combi Oven Joker, The Compact Class

Eloma Combi Oven Joker Position control:

Position of Control Door
On Top Right or left hinged door
Left Right hinged door
Right Left hinged door

Eloma Combi Oven Joker's Control Module

Available in MT or ST Control

MT Control

Eloma's MT Control has the ability to work with programmes and plan your workflow, a multifunctional approach

  • Eloma Joker MT Control
  • Support with start-up settings
  • Weekly Programming PRO
  • Multi Cooking/Multi Baking Pro
  • Multifunctionality

ST Control 

Eloma's ST Control focuses on the classic way with manual cooking and baking

  • Manual cooking/Baking
  • Programme List
  • Special Programme
  • Multi Cooking/Multi Baking Pro
  • Multifunctionality

Eloma Joker's Water Module 

Eloma's water module comes in two different options: Steam Injection or Fresh Steam System

  1. Steam Injection
    - Achieving good baking results depends on adopting the correct approach.
    - Eloma's system empowers you to precisely define steam injection down to the mililiter.
    - Manual steam injection remains an option at any point during operation, ensuring optimal shine and best evenness
  2. Fresh Steam System
    -Effortlessly save time, energy and water with Eloma's innovative solution.
    -Seamlessly producing steam directly into the cavity precisely when and as much as required.
    -Get up and running in mere seconds, ready to tackle any task efficiently.
Note: Water tank module is available where there is no fixed water supply. With integrated fresh and waste water tank, there is no limit to flexibility.
Filling levels of the water tanks are conveniently shown on the display, guarantees ease of use.

Cleaning Module for the Eloma Joker

  1. Autoclean Pro with Liquid Cleaner 
    Our fully automatic cleaning system autoclean® PRO stands out with minimum consumption of water, cleaning agents and energy.
    No waiting time, no manual steps necessary. Cleaning: go!Application: Choose cleaning level - done. Or, with MT control, fully automate the process:
    define start or end time, or even use weekly programming PRO for a long term cleaning plan. Automatic door opening makes it perfect!
  2. Autoclean Pro with Solid Cleaner 
    No space for canisters? We offer flexibility and a spacesaving solution. That‘s what the JOKER is!
    Saving resources also applies here: with minimal consumption of water, detergents and energy.Application: Simply place the tab(s) on the built-in outlet sieve, and off you go. Nothing else has to be put in or out.
  3. Hand Shower 
    Easy and effective: with the practical hand shower, you can quickly rinse out the cavityApplication: Crumbs are all that‘s left in the cavity after a busy day in your shop, providing fresh baked goods from morning to evening. Hand shower at hand, rinse, wipe - and you are set for the next busy day.

Eloma Cavity Sizes:

Available in Joker 6-23, Joker 6-43, Joker 6-11

Eloma Joker 6-23 Combi Oven
Internal Dimensions (W/D/Hmm): 440/440/400
Capacity: 5+1 Levels 2/3 GN at 67mm distance

Eloma Joker 6-43 Combi Oven
Internal Dimensions (W/D/Hmm): 440/570/400
Capacity: 4+1 Levels 4/3GN at 84mm distance

Eloma Joker 6-11 Combi Oven
Internal Dimensions (W/D/Hmm): 440/620/400
Capacity: 5+1 Levels 1/1GN at 67mm distance

Country of Origin: Germany

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