Hiber GCM015s Blast Chiller Shock Freezer Ice Cream Gelato

The Hiber GCM015s Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

Quickly lowering the temperature of fresh or freshly cooked products allows you to keep their characteristics unchanged over time (5/6 days) by optimizing menus and activities. You can decide, in fact, to anticipate the preparation or cooking of a dish and create a reserve of food by regenerating only the necessary quantity. No waste, therefore, no redundancy and no sudden depletion of stocks. Finally you can buy large quantities of product without worrying that they will perish and, given that our blast chillers are HACCP compliant, without any risk of food poisoning.

For Gelato: By reducing the temperature right to the very core of the product, the chiller gives you a unique opportunity to preserve the qualities of your ice cream intact over time and to decide at will how long you want this time to be: either hours (surface hardening only, for immediate display in the display unit) or days (total hardening, for storage purposes). But that’s not all. By fitting in between the whipping and consumption stages, Hiber is able to enhance both, becoming the heart of a new ice cream production system.



Hiber GCM015S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

  • Model: GCM015s
  • Dimensions: 790 x 800 x 1800
  • Type: Mixed
  • Voltage: 400/3/50
  • Power: 3500w
  • Capacity: 15 gelato tubs (360 x 164 x 120) or 10 gelato tubs (360 x 250 x 120)

Hiber GCM015s capacity For Gelato: Does your gelato or ice-cream come out of the machine soft, dense and offers excellent quality, but does it lose volume and softness after just a few hours in the display unit? Hiber’s blast chilling (surface hardening) in just a few minutes causes the formation of micro-crystals, which stabilize all the property of the product for many hours and increase the possible height of decorations. Download Brochure


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