Therma-Tek Radiant & Char-Rock Broilers


Heavy duty gas counter broilers built on welded angle iron frame construction for strength and durability. Removable grease container is provided for easy cleaning. Standard model sizes are 12” (305 mm), 24” (610 mm), 36”(915 mm), 48”(1,219mm), 60” (1,524 mm) and 72”(1,829 mm). All counter models are range match when placed on our equipment stand.

Each burner is specifically baffled to reflect usable heat away from the drip pan and into the cooking zone

Radiant broilers

  • Heavy cast-iron Radiant’s with multiple heat sinks retain heat, minimize recovery time during peak periods, and protect the burner from blockage and flare-ups. Two (2) radiant’s per burner on radiant broiler
  • Spatula width grease trough
  • Easy to remove drip pans

Char Rock Broilers

  • High quality lava rocks on cast iron supports provide maximum heat retention for excellent broiling on char-rock broiler
  • Burners protected by heat shield to prevent blockage of ports and pilot
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron grates for maximum heat retention and cooking efficiency by minimising recovery time during peak periods


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