Alto-Shaam 300-TH/III Deluxe Cook & Hold Oven

by Alto-shaam

Bring consistent quality to every dish you serve using Halo Heat® technology in a 300-TH/III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold oven. Steam combined with air circulation fans in other types of ovens can compromise the flavor and texture of your food. Because Halo Heat utilizes unique thermal cabling, the oven cavity is surrounded with gentle, precise heat which evenly cooks your food and ensures the highest quality product every time.

Alto Shaam


Alto-Shaam 300-TH/III Deluxe Cook & Hold Oven

Halo Heat technology provides the greatest moisture retention and most even cooking. Equipped with a unique thermal cabling, the oven cavity is surrounded with gentle, precise heat to evenly cook food. No fans. No harsh heating elements. No added humidity.

Natural meat tenderization on even the toughest cuts of meat. Halo Heat technology activates natural enzymes for a more moist, tender product. Make the most of less expensive, underutilized cuts of meat and produce a better quality product – at a lower cost. One hour in the Cook & Hold Oven is equivalent to 1-2 days of dry aging.

Consistent, even heat from Halo Heat technology provides a controlled, uniform heat source that maintains precise temperatures throughout the cooking and holding process.

Reduce labor and operating costs with lights out production. Reclaim 12-16 hours of nonproductive cooking time with overnight cooking.

Free up your kitchen with the ability to roast, proof, braise, reheat, ferment, sous-vide, hold and more in the same oven with set-and-forget controls to provide a better distribution of workloads and relieve other pieces of equipment

Place anywhere with no oven hood or outside venting required. Save up to $30 per day in hood operating costs.

Single Compartment Oven 300-TH/III

  • Serve. Savor
    Precise, low-temperature cooking with the original Cook & Hold oven featuring the exclusive Halo Heat® system. Cook your food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising food quality. No fans, No added humidity, no hood needed. Only big flavor.
    Discover the many advantages of the gentle, radiant Halo Heat technology that will maximize product yields while reducing labor, food and energy costs.
  • Perfect temperature. Perfect time.
    Alto-Shaam’s innovative cooking technology is designed for:
    Overnight cooking
    2. Expanding your menu
    3. Easy operation
    4. Greater food yields
    5. Natural aging
    6. Low energy use
    7. Maximizing space

Alto-Shaam 300-TH/III
External Dimensions: 426 (w) x 643 (d) x 480 (h) mm
Internal Dimensions: 348 (w) x 548 (d) x 305 (h) mm
Operating on: 230V / 50Hz / 1pH
Power: 800W
Product Production: 16kg (max)

Country of Origin: USA



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