Carpigiani 191 Classic Counter Top Soft Serve Machine

by Carpigiani counter top machine

Single flavor counter top machine to produce soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. Pump or gravity fed, the machine ensures great production results

High versatility
Give free space to your imagination and create cups as well as new soft delights and single portions

A cool look
The machine can be adapted to all types of shop thanks to its new modern panel

Overrun and consistency control
Different consistency control settings for various mix types and easy adjustable overrun





Self-pasteurization With our self-pasteurization system the machine can be cleaned and disassembled only 9 times per year
Teorema Remote Control It gives very important info about the machine, it facilitates the service system and helps the cleaning schedule
Single portions dispensing head With interchangeable nozzles to make single portions and delights
Self closing device The dispenser closes automatically stopping the flow of ice cream, eliminating any waste and preventing mess
​​​​​​​Only You Customize your machine with your colours and logo
Wash Kit Optional tap above the tank to facilitate the cleaning operations
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