Carpigiani Freeze & Go Small Batch Freezer

by Carpigiani

Freeze&Go takes up very little space in your kitchen and is designed to meet the specific needs of restaurants. Freeze&Go lets you add delicious artisan gelato to your menu. Just pour the chilled mix, start the machine and only 5 minutes later the gelato is ready to serve

The solution for those with limited space who want to offer an impromptu gelato. Small, silent, and fast. In just a few minutes the gelato is ready to be served.




Carpigiani Freeze & Go Small Batch Freezer

Carpigiani Freeze & Go, a small, silent and fast machine which readies an impromptu gelato or sorbets in just few minutes. However, the hourly production rate (room temperature of 25°C) varies depending on the ingredients used. This is perfect for fine dining restaurants looking to create smaller quantities, premium flavor and fresh ingredients. It is the best batch freezer for plated gelato desserts in fine dining restaurant. Capable of producing 500ml per batch in 6 mins, perfect for 4 to 5 portions of gelato or sorbets. In one hour, Freeze & Go is able to produce 5kg of gelato or sorbet.

Carpigiani Counter Top Batch Freezer Features


  • All of Carpigiani’s technology enclosed in just 55 cm, and a totally renewed design along with a vintage touch.
  • Its compact dimension makes possible of the positioning of the machine, which can be installed with a single gesture and then is immediately ready to start production.
  • Just 3 steps to make an authentic artisanal gelato.


  • One removable cylinder for freezing, storing, and serving gelato. Practical and easy to clean.


  • A notification signals once it is done freezing and then maintains the consistency of the gelato.
  • In addition, optional additional cylinders makes production possible.
  • With its compact dimensions, machine operators just need to plug it in and its ready to go.


  • It stops immediately once the lid opens during freezing.
  • Rounded corners that prevents unwanted accidents to occur.


  • All of carpigiani gelato machine are easy to clean. The cylinder protection lid closes every time the cylinder is removed from the machine, making it easier to wash.


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