Carpigiani Ready1420 Counter Top Batch Freezer

by Carpigiani

The entire gelato production process in one counter-top machine: pasteurisation, aging and freezing.





Carpigiani Ready1420 Counter Top Small Batch Freezer

Carpigiani Ready 14 20, a small batch freezer built with high performance and persistence for gelato production. Capable of producing 2 to 4kg per batch cycle. This Carpigiani gelato machine is the smaller version of the Carpigiani Ready Floor Standing series. This counter top batch freezer machine saves space and delivers the entire gelato production process into one counter top appliance. It is perfect for chef looking to produce fresh artisan gelato, sorbet, or slush for their menu but do not have the space for large multiple units.


  • Hard-O-Tronic®, a system to obtain the desired gelato by checking its consistency (Changes during freezing process).
  • Beater without central shaft, but with POM blades for total extraction of gelato, and
  • Because of its self-regulating scraper blades, it constantly cleans the cylinder and increases the yielding area.
  • Post-cooling: The activation of cold temperatures are to maintain the consistency of the extracted gelato.


  • The operator uses the machine while standing straight, and the simple push-buttons are accessible even while adding mix.
  • Dry Filling function to deliver the precise amount of water required to clean, saves time and avoid measurement errors.

Additional Ergonomic:

  1. Optional: Cover shelf mat designed to hold trays, basins and tubs in position, during extraction of the gelato.


  • Rounded corners on every part of the machine to lower the risk of injury.

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: Hence, the use of Internet makes monitoring and diagnosing easier.


  • For a thorough cleaning purpose, for instance, there are high temperature cylinder washing with Scotch-Brite treatment and a removable extraction chute.
  • The cleaning cycle takes time but the hygiene is guaranteed because of the constant temperature control in the cylinder when gelato was extracted.


  • Ready technology makes it possible to complete the full gelato production process with just one machine.
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