Hiber RDM050S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer Gastronomy

Quickly lowering the temperature of fresh or freshly cooked products allows you to keep their characteristics unchanged over time (5/6 days) by optimizing menus and activities. You can decide, in fact, to anticipate the preparation or cooking of a dish and create a reserve of food by regenerating only the necessary quantity. No waste, therefore, no redundancy and no sudden depletion of stocks. Finally you can buy large quantities of product without worrying that they will perish and, given that our blast chillers are HACCP compliant, without any risk of food poisoning.



Hiber RDM050S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer Gastronomy

Capacity: 5 GN1/1-5 EN
Yield Per Cycle (kg) +90° +3°: 10kg
Yield Per Cycle (kg) +90° -18°: 7kg

A blast chiller shock freezer is used to quickly lower the temperature of food, either fresh, pre-cooked and maintaining its texture and freshness during storage. How fast the chilling or freezer works is important in determining the quality of the food. It is very clear the usage of a blast chiller shock freezer is quicker, safer and produces longer shelf life of your food whilst keeping its original qualities. A blast chiller shock freezer is different compared to a standard chilling or freezing with a standard refrigerator. Using these standard refrigerators will result in slow freezing thus turning the water inside the products to large crystals expands and harm the food structure and resulting in loss of quality and texture. Deep freezing with the blast freezer does not result in larger ice crystals forming on the food as it is done under controlled temperature and ventilation. Blast chillers operate in full compliance with HACCP standards.

Blast chiller temperature +90°/+3°C: once the food is cooked, it will lose many of its characteristics, texture, and quality due to natural bacteria growth in the cooling process. In order to maintain its quality, you need to reduce any form of food deterioration by controlling the humidity, time and temperature. Having a blast chiller will allow you to maintain its taste and appearance whilst preserving the flavor of the food, texture, color, and nutrients.

Shock freezer temperature +90°C / -18°C: results in smaller ice crystals thanks to the fast penetration of the cold at the core of the product. The smaller the crystals, the better the product once it is thawed. Both raw food and cooked food will not lose its consistency in taste, weight, liquid, making it exactly as if is a fresh product. This is done by preserving food at a storage temperature of -18°C at the core of the product.

Benefits of using a commercial blast chiller shock freezer

  1. Maintaining food quality
  2. Preventing food shrinkage
  3. Increase menu choice and service
  4. Food safety standards
  5. Improve and increase shelf life
  6. Saving time and money
  7. Reduce deterioration of your product

Hiber RDM050S Unique Selling Point

  1. Construction in AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  2. 60mm Insulation in high density polyurethane foam
  3. Magnetic seal
  4. Evaporator with cataphoresis treatment
  5. Rounded corners for better hygiene
  6. Heated Core Probe

Power Supply: 230/1/50
Temperature operating: Positive & Negative Abatement
Interior Design: Tray support in polished AISI 304 stainless steel wire suitable for supporting GN1 / 1 grids and EN trays (600×400 mm) – with 5 positions, pitch 65 mm, easily removable for washing
Refrigerant Group: Electric Fans with indirect flow on the product
Dimensions: 790×700×850 mm


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