Kolb Bake-off Combination Oven

by Kolb A combination of two Atoll 800 convection ovens.

Ideal for baking all kinds of pastry items and European bread. Had been specially designed for hotels.

  • Space efficient while offering sizable productivity and great flexibility
  • European style design, ideal for open kitchen concept
  • User friendly operation system, even little trained staff can easily use
  • Also features Kolb oven’s energy saving and high efficiency, with low running cost
  • Optional larger model and different combination for your option
  • Great evenness of baking result identical to large professional oven



Kolb Bake Off

Technical Data

Model-Nr. K130PR-0806110 K130PG-0604110 K130-1206210
Number of Baking Chambers 1 1 2
Baking Chamber Dimensions(WxD)(mm) 830×720 630×520 1230×720
Max.Capacity 4 trays(Atoll 800)
/2 trays(Deck Oven)
16 trays (Proofer)
4 trays(Atoll 800)
1 trays(Deck Oven)
12 trays (Proofer)
4 trays(Atoll 800)
6 trays(Deck Oven)
Out Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 1155x1590x2215mm 962x1398x2187 1555x1590x2077
Voltage(V) 400V/3ph/PE/50-60Hz 400V/3ph/PE/50-60Hz 400V/3ph/PE/50-60Hz
Power & Current with steam 16.1kW/27.4A 14.2kW/24.1A 25.8kW/40.7
Approx.Weight with steam & stone(kg) 430 305 587


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