Menumaster DEC18MU Commercial Microwave

Menumaster DEC18MU Heavy Volume 


  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Fast casual dining
  • Bars & grills

Through put potential:

  • Pre-cooked frozen bacon, 700+ slices per hour
  • 170 g (6 oz.) portion of refrigerated Macaroni & Cheese, 40+ portions per hour
  • 454 g (1 lb.) batch of fresh shrimp, 30+ batches per hour
  • 1 baked potato, 20+ per hour


  • Defrosts most frozen food products



Menumaster Commercial Microwave Model DEC18MU

Power Output

  • 1900 watts of power.
  • 11 power levels for consistent, delicious results for frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods – from the freezer to table in minutes.
  • Unique centralized method of energy distribution provides superior heating within the cavity.
  • Interlock switch assembly is engineered for maximum durability and long life.

Easy to Use

  • Up to 100 programmable menu items simplifies cooking and ensures consistent results.
  • Four stage cooking option with one-touch programming.
  • Reduces prep time, labor and food waste while providing consistent results.
  • Controls are user-friendly and require minimal training.
  • Multiple quantity pad calculates the proper cook times for multiple portions.
  • See-through tempered glass outer window and lighted interior for monitoring without opening the door.
  • Ample 17 liters (.6 cubic ft.) capacity accommodates a standard half-sized pan.
  • Stackable without a kit to save valuable counter space.
  • Gasket sealed ceramic tray to reduce plate-to-shelf edge impact and keep spills contained.

Easy to Maintain

  • Stainless steel exterior and interior for easy cleaning and a professional look. Constructed to withstand the foodservice environment.
  • Removable, cleanable air filter and clean filter reminder protect oven components.


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