Menumaster XPRESS IQ

By Menumaster


When it comes to speed, you need an oven that can do more than cook delicious food fast. Everything about the Xpress IQ Oven is quicker. From installation to operation, menu creation, updates, and management. Training, cleaning and maintenance and even service. The all-new Xpress IA Oven is more than fast- it’s safer and smarter too.




Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ High Speed Oven

PERFECT COMBINATION OF 3 HEATING TECHNOLOGIES Impingement, Convection, and Microwave

TRUE-TOUCH™ HD TOUCHSCREEN Fully customizable, large 7” (178mm) smartphone-like display Stores 1200+ programmed menu items

MULTI-LINGUAL, UNIVERSAL OPERATION Supports 25 languages Customizable, image-based menu selection eliminates language and literacy barriers

CONNECTIVITY STANDARD WiFi, Ethernet, and Smart USB standard

CERTIFIED FOR VENTLESS COOKING Economical and flexible installation. No added HVAC expenses

MINIMIZED FOOTPRINT, MAXIMIZED CAVITY DESIGN Compact footprint fits on 28” (71cm) deep counter Easily accommodates a 12” (30cm) pizza

ON-DEMAND COOKING Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture. Cook food when it is ordered. Minimize waste

EXCLUSIVE CREW-SAFETY FEATURES Inner door drops well below the cooking surface for the safe removal of food from the cavity

EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN Exclusive non-stick oven liners preinstalled. Quick cool-down for expedited end-of-day clean-up

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