Roband Heat Lamp Quartz

by Roband Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies Featuring Easy Fit Globes


  • Anodized aluminium body in a variety of sizes
  • Designed to give a balance of heat and light
  • Easy fit quartz halogen globes, easily replaceable in seconds
  • Metal lamp guard
  • Simple mounting system


Designed and manufactured in Australia, the range of Roband Lamp Assemblies are a stylish and essential tool to keep prepared food at the required serving temperature before the meal is delivered to the patron.

The range includes Quartz Heat Lamps that provide a combination of heat and light and are generally used in pass-through areas; Infra-red Heating Assemblies that utilise infra-red to provide variable and ef cient heat and are used in the kitchen back-of house where heat but no illumination of the foods is required; and Fluorescent Lighting Assemblies that provide light and match the styling of the Heat Lamps and Heating Assemblies.

The range extends from standard models through to fabricator models. Standard models include control switches incorporated into the lamp body with a plug and cord arrangement so that the units can easily be installed and operated without an electrician’s involvement. The fabricator models exclude all switches and controls and are supplied with ying leads that allow an electrician or fabricator to install the units and connect the assembly wires into the kitchen’s own wiring and switch arrangement.

Roband quartz, infra-red and uorescent lamp assemblies are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, speci cally designed to breathe. Available in a variety of sizes, the Roband Lamp Assemblies will suit a wide range of applications.

All Roband Lamp Assemblies are designed to run at 220-240V 50-60Hz and are CE approved.

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