CIAM Vertigo Pastry

Modular Professional showcases for ice-cream, pastry, deli and bakery.
VERTIGO model have straight units and 30° corners that can be easily canalised through coupling pins pre-arranged on the sides of the tank. All the display tanks are monolithic and s/s coated with rounded edges for cleaning purposes. Front straight glasses are tempered, have a tilt down opening and anti-fog heating element. Three different glass structures are available: VERTIGO1 with one shelve, VERTIGO 2 with two shelves, VERTIGO 3 with three shelves. The profiles are in brilliant mirror aluminium. Standard lighting is with micro Led lights in order to have a more uniform effect without heat problems; this system is based on modular units for serial connections. VERTIGO showcases are projected to have excellent performances. Ice-cream showcases have internal semi hermetic compressors with fast inverting cycle defrost; pastry showcases have many versions (ventilated, with drawers, static) aimed at satisfying all the operators need and designed for keeping constant temperature in refrigerated areas.





  • Ventilated refrigeration.
  • Chrome extra shining furniture.
  • LED lighting on each shelf.
  • Electronic control board.
  • Tempered front glass with safely tilt downs opening system.


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