Hiber AGF72.1 Gelato/ Ice Cream Storage Freezer

Hiber AGF72.1 Storage Freezer

Our High-End gelato freezers, all with a very strong cooling system studied to keep the temperature during frequent door openings. Thanks to the soft ventilation and the incredible cooling efficiency, our AGF uprights will conserve your precious gelato-ice cream keeping its freshness for many days.



Hiber AGF72.1 Gelato/ Ice Cream Storage Freezer

  • Model: Hiber AGF72.1 Storage Freezer
  • Dimensions: 740 x 910 x 2070
  • Capacity tubs mm: 360 x 165 x 120
  • Power W: 955
  • Temperature: -30° – 12° C


  • It uses only extra-strength cooling units with ecological gases, and condensers and evaporators with large exchange surfaces capable of working in tropical climes at temperatures of over +40°C.What’s more, the flow of cooling air inside the Hiber Lievitamatic gently encompasses the food, assuring even temperatures throughout, hence a vastly improved end result.


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