Hiber GCM012S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer Ice Cream Gelato

The Hiber GCM012S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer, the chilling system that stands out from the rest.

Quickly lowering the temperature of fresh or freshly cooked products allows you to keep their characteristics unchanged over time (5/6 days) by optimizing menus and activities. You can decide, in fact, to anticipate the preparation or cooking of a dish and create a reserve of food by regenerating only the necessary quantity. No waste, therefore, no redundancy and no sudden depletion of stocks. Finally you can buy large quantities of product without worrying that they will perish and, given that our blast chillers are HACCP compliant, without any risk of food poisoning.

For Gelato: By reducing the temperature right to the very core of the product, the chiller gives you a unique opportunity to preserve the qualities of your ice cream intact over time and to decide at will how long you want this time to be: either hours (surface hardening only, for immediate display in the display unit) or days (total hardening, for storage purposes). But that’s not all. By fitting in between the whipping and consumption stages, Hiber is able to enhance both, becoming the heart of a new ice cream production system.



Hiber GCM012S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

  • Model: GCM012S
  • Dimensions: 790 x 800 x 1320h
  • Type: Mixed
  • Voltage: 230/1/50
  • Power W: 2000
  • 12 Gelato Tubs (360 x 165 x 120) or 8 gelato tubs (250 x 250 x 120)


Radial Corners & Drain
Chamber with radial corners, both internal and external, which prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.
Water drain on diamond-pattern floor with central drain and bayonet plug.

Opening Baffle Plate
Evaporator completely enclosed in a stainless steel casing with hinged baffle plate. The swing opening allows the inspection and through washing of the evaporator.

Heated Core Probe
All models are fitted with a button to heat up the core probe needle.
This is needed when you have to extract the probe from a frozen product. The timed heating device allows for instant and perfect extraction after every freezing session. Possibility of installing up to 4 needle probes that detect the temperature of the product in 4 different points in the chamber.

Removable sterilization device, handy and easy to move around inside the chiller or on other equipment. Acts on the whole inner part of the chamber and on the aluminium evaporator. Sterilox produces ozone (O3) and can also be used to sterilize other equipment: its cable attachment means that it can be placed anywhere, which maximizes the use of the device.

Tray Rack 
Made entirely from stainless steel, with pairs of non-tipping guides (C-shaped). Double fitting, fully removable and can be washed individually.

For Gelato: Does your gelato or ice-cream come out of the machine soft, dense and offers excellent quality, but does it lose volume and softness after just a few hours in the display unit? Hiber’s blast chilling (surface hardening) in just a few minutes causes the formation of micro-crystals, which stabilize all the property of the product for many hours and increase the possible height of decorations.

The Hiber GCM012S Blast Chiller Shock Freezer is an essential choice if you want to guarantee your customers the utmost product safety: the blast chilling actually prevents mould and bacteria from forming. These tend to proliferate in certain conditions or with sudden change of temperature, humidity, heat or prolonged exposure.

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